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Application Development

Combining an attractive UI and UX we develop unique applications to give users an enjoyable experience to ensure a cohesion between app fluidity and functionality.

UI/UX Design

Offering the most innovative solutions in the rapidly diversifying field of UI/UX, the team at Techcrow promises the most satisfying user experience. We focus on code consistency and a sense of cohesion in design to provide an array of fluid interface options to choose from.

Content Creation

Content is king in today’s age, and this is well understood by everyone working at TechCrow. Our team works tirelessly to ensure we curate content based on innovation and specific to the client’s needs by segmentizing different targets the client has chosen for themselves and even identifying these for them. 


Our VFX team consists of some of the most experienced players in the industry who have worked in the Ad, Cinema, Digital and many major video related industries. We are confident in our ability to create the perfect blend of production, effects, and storytelling.

Quality Assurance

Our team compromises of various quality checkers that are on the lookout 24/7 to make sure that our client ‘s needs are being met with the standards of quality that the TechCrow name promises.

Content Monitoring

Ad management and trend mapping are some of the pivotal functions our content team manages and has done effectively for our clients.

Business Development Solutions

Whether your business is digital or is a traditional one, we will make sure that we offer marketing solutions specific to your brand ideology and are always eager to think outside of the box. Our team is specialised in searching for and bringing onboard new clients who value your business proposition.

Event Management

Our team specialises in holding large scale online events with deep digital media metrics monitoring and delivers design curated posters for your online events through various social media channels


Corporate Social Responsibility is a must in today’s age. The team at TechCrow carries out regular plantation, blood, and food drives to give back to the environment that we take so much from. 

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